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We founded LIANCA when we realized that we simply wanted to create products worthy of being chosen by customers as gifts for loved ones, who over time would appreciate why such a gift was specifically selected for them.

We believe that objects and articles emerge in each age for a particular reason. Reasons can be found propping up all stages of the creative process, from the selection of materials to actual production.

The fact that we make and sell our own products no doubt counts for something special.

At LIANCA, great importance is attached to leather. We select materials that have been cultivated throughout the long history of humankind and endeavor to fashion designs that make optimal use of these materials.

At LIANCA, great importance is attached to color. People, since ancient times, have always reacted to color with emotion and feeling.

At LIANCA, we love simple items. In every city and town, you will meet people with a style of their very own, even as they wear items if sheer simplicity. It is in simple things that a keen sense of taste and sensitivity resides.

At LIANCA, we want to remain honest with ourselves. For this reason, our aim is not to manufacture products that will suit the mass consumer marketplace. We want to refrain from imitating others and following fads. Our desire is to create products that are true to our convictions.

Our personal satisfaction is from procuring the best materials and making products that we believe in. It's about having these products lovingly used by others. It's about sharing with others the joy that comes from appreciating the graceful aging that products undergo over time.

For us, happiness results from encountering and interacting with those with whom our vision resonates.

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